Connaissez-vous le Djimboulaya


Le Djimboulaya est un animal très rare d’Afrique Centrale possédant:

  • Le cou d’une giraffe
  • 5 Pattes, dont une patte au centre
  • Un queue de paon
  • Les cornes d’un taureau
  • Des ailes inutiles comme celles de l’autruche

Le Djimboulaya est vénéré chez certains peuple du nord en tant qu’entité divine.

On dit aussi que la viande du Djimboulaya est délicieuse avec un peu de corriante.



3 Blog Posts and a Google Plus Status

Black Hat White HatOnce upon a time there was the Internet. Then came Yahoo, then Google and after that Facebook. Also, at one point, Adult content became very very popular even though nobody is visiting those sites (must be only robots I guess).

Similarly, nobody clicks on ads in search results but it’s there main revenue (it’s 90% of Facebook Revenue).

At first, you could stuff your webpage with non relevant keywords to trick the search engines but they became smarter and smarter. Will they become like Skynet? but that is another story.

Before Skynet, a new specie appeared: SEO Experts. There lifes were solely devoted to be ahead of Search Engines to get your links on the first result page.

By definition: an Expert is:

      1. Someone who comes from far far away.
      2. Someone who cost a LOT of money.
      3. Someone who doesn’t really know more stuff than you do.


Now, after 5-8 years of exists will SEO Experts suddenly become an instinct race?

Because, will 3 blog posts and a Google Plus status will be enough one day to position a specific keyword for a website?

On a lighter note:


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