3 Blog Posts and a Google Plus Status

Black Hat White HatOnce upon a time there was the Internet. Then came Yahoo, then Google and after that Facebook. Also, at one point, Adult content became very very popular even though nobody is visiting those sites (must be only robots I guess).

Similarly, nobody clicks on ads in search results but it’s there main revenue (it’s 90% of Facebook Revenue).

At first, you could stuff your webpage with non relevant keywords to trick the search engines but they became smarter and smarter. Will they become like Skynet? but that is another story.

Before Skynet, a new specie appeared: SEO Experts. There lifes were solely devoted to be ahead of Search Engines to get your links on the first result page.

By definition: an Expert is:

      1. Someone who comes from far far away.
      2. Someone who cost a LOT of money.
      3. Someone who doesn’t really know more stuff than you do.


Now, after 5-8 years of exists will SEO Experts suddenly become an instinct race?

Because, will 3 blog posts and a Google Plus status will be enough one day to position a specific keyword for a website?

On a lighter note:


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Partir du bon pied


Comprendre la nature des médias sociaux, c’est un sujet à la mode. Mais les médias sociaux, ça devient un peu comme la télé ou l’automobile: tous le monde s’en sert, mais très peu savent vraiment comment ça marche!

Alors, face à ce constat qui sera sans doute troublant pour certains, quoi faire?

  1. Rien. i.e. Continuez à les utiliser, un peu comme tous le monde
  2. Faire mieux. i.e. Essayez de comprendre, apprendre à s’en servir mieux
  3. Renier. i.e. Trouvez des raisons, et elles seront bonnes, de ne pas les utiliser

Après tout, il y a encore des gens aujourd’hui qui n’ont pas de télé ni d’automobile!

De plus en plus d’entre-vous font plus que de parler de la température ou partager du contenu de quelqu’un d’autre.

Vous devenez des créateurs de contenu.

Une opinion, une recette, une réflexion, un accomplissement, un projet, une éloge, un poème, une hoto sur le vif, une opinion, un appel à tous, un événement, une chanson, un remix, un dessin.

Ce sont là des exemples de bon contenu qu’il soit publié sur Facebook, Googles Plus, Twitter, blogger, wordpress, ou d’autres. Ce qu’il advient de ce contenu, c’est une nouvelle façon d’apprendre, de se renseigner, de s’émerveiller.

Nouvelle? Pas tout à fait. Décortiquer un peu le message, il est le même qu’avant. Juste diffusé différemment. C’est tout.

Thank you Google Plus because…


  1. by your creation, you have awakened the giant
  2. by your success, you bring innovations
  3. by your failure, you rise again
  4. by just beeing there, you create competition
  5. by your dark side, you raise serious questionning
  6. by your transparency, you convince the masses
  7. with time, you shall improve

But in the end, it remains only a platform in which I am (we are) the product.

Top 10 reasons why I should continue my blog

I started to blog in 1993. Our group had invented Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Linkedin, MSN, ICQ all together in a concept called CTI (in french « Club des Têteux d’Internet » or the closest translation « Internet Nerd Club »).

Basically, we used the internet (that even was not existing by this name) to exchange our live stories, our jokes, our mutual events, etc.

Our social reach was not very wide however it did serve its purpose: To communicate.

Our group was create « spontaneously » and actors were very active.

Then came America Online, ICQ, MSN, Blogger, WordPress, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and now Google Plus (to name a few and more or less in that order). Oh yeah, I almost forgot: the cell phones and more: the Smartphones!

I’ve been asking my self lately why am I blogging on a personal level? First, I don’t have that many readers. I certainly don’t look forward to make money out of it. I am not a « Chris Brogan » nor a « Julien Smith« , two very talented writers. And I don’t have that much time between work, family, etc.

So here is my top 10 personal reasons why I will continue my blog:

  1. It gives me a platform to write down and share my ideas (it is certainly easier to use WordPress or Blogger than to write in HTML)
  2. It’s written on the internet so it’s stays there forever (as long as I continue to pay my GoDaddy’s subscription!)
  3. Eventually, people will start to understand that a Social Network is NOT Television (Please leave a comment, Share your thoughts, Start a blog or just go play outside it’s good also)
  4. Who knows, maybe I will do like the others and write a book out of my blog (I have a nice section on Cooking Recipes if you are blog post gives a sense of depth to an idea (compare to the spontaneity of Facebook or Twitter)
  5. It’s fun.
  6. Nobody should complain when it’s a free advise (although it’s tough to keep the rhythm)!
  7. It leaves a sort of legacy to my daughters
  8. To be determined
  9. Tell me one reason

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  • If I missed/forgot your blog, tell me about it

The art of not saying « no » to technology

In fact, what is technology? According to wikipedia, Technology is the making, usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization in order to solve a problem or serve some purpose.

Well in that case, why bother using our then, before the computers, there was the dictionary, and before that, there was our parents (who had all the answer when we were young!).

Some may fear some kind of « matrix » or « skynet » catastrophy. But then, would it be so bad? I hear that Google is playing with a self-driving car, that the French are making holographic customer service clerk to guide people at Orlay airport. What’s next?

Is it cheaper to use technology? Certainly not! I would not do te maths but then again would you live without electricity or running water? Shouldn’t we try to use technology more and more? Or aren’t we doing it as I write this?

One other thing, we should all stop being passive with social media (which is an effet of new technologies). 83% of Google+ users are inactive (via @ Frederic Gonzalo) But wait, maybe you haven’t heard of Google+! Ok, 80% of Facebook users are inactive (based on 150M visitors per month and 750M users). But wait, if you haven’t heard of Facebook, you are certainly not reading this either so ok.

So why starting to act or interact now? because to share knowledge is essential.

Now your turn. Tell me why you should not say no to technology… (should you be MAC or PC)

Influence the influencers on Google Plus

Google Plus is a wonderful place to influence the influencers. With all those Media Social Experts, CEO, VP, Directors of marketing having fun this summer on G+, that’s the best time to become part of the Game, jump in the pool, have a chat and get noticed! Of course try to make your comments worth reading.

Hey, see you in a month, I am going to the North Pole for the summer (just kidding, Mt Tremblant is far enough)